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Last time the agents had taken out one of the hostage holders, and burst in on the other…

The shouting starts.

Biggs: Freeze, drop it, drop it now.
Drake: Down, down on the floor, everyone down.
Benito (Terrorist): Back off, I’ll shoot, I’ll shoot. (while pointing his shotgun at the hostages)



Picking up where we left off, Drake had just rescued the ship’s doctor from a terrorist who was holding her hostage and forcing her to work on a patient.

The doctor quickly explains that she’s been held here for several hours since the ship was taken by the terrorists.  The patient on the table is also a terrorist who was injured during the takeover by one of the crewmen (he used a fire axe).  He won’t be waking up anytime soon but likely won’t die either.  Drake zip ties him to the bed and questions the doctor on what she knows about the virus.  Unfortunately she knows nothing.  She does reveal, however, that the terrorists have herded the remaining crew  and passengers into the private dining room off the main dining room and have them there under guard.  The doctor does not know if Dr Salcedo is among them.


Lady in Distress (part 1)

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So this is my shot at running through the Top Secret module TS-003 “Lady In Distress”.  I set out to run virtual players through as the GM.  In the end (or rather from the beginning really) I sort of half played, half GMed.  And you know what?  It was awesome!  I was able to seperate my GM knowledge from my character knowledge and somehow it worked.  And with key questions, I just referred back to Mythic.  It was lots of fun.  I’m not sure how it would work for something that wasn’t a dungeon crawl with pistols, but I’m very tempted to find out!

Here now, the Lady In Distress:


Top Secret

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Moni has me thinking (on a few topics).  First and foremost, I’m reformulating my Mars game to include Jax as a PC.  I’ve come to really like her and her concept, so she’s getting her own starring role.

The second is from Moni’s post on using Mythic for player emulation and running canned modules.  I asked on one of those posts about how it would work with a more plot driven scenario, because I had a specific module in mind.  But on looking again at the module, I realized that it’s just a dungeon crawl on ship-board.


I bought the FASA Star Trek rules in their boxed set form sometime after “Wrath of Khan” came out in 1982.  It wasn’t the most stellar set (ha! pun unintended) of rules, but it wasn’t bad.  The things I liked were some of the add ons for ship building and the merchants and traders expansion.  I always liked the idea of operating outside of the “traditional” Star Trek space, getting away from the Federation and doing things a bit different.

This is what eventually (decades later) lead me to the idea of the Federation Parcel Service.


The Thin Man

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I really enjoyed watching the “Thin Man” marathon on Turner Classics on New Year’s eve.  The Thin Man is, I think, my all time favorite movie, and as this was the first time I’d gotten to see it in HD it was like watching it for the first time all over again!  I’m just sorry I didn’t get to watch all six films.

I know, you’re wondering now what on earth this has to do with role playing and the people, places and things thereof.  Well, combine watching the movies with the top ten I never played list, and I simply had to put together Nick and Nora as characters!  I picked out my favorite, crunchy 1930’s system (Daredevils), and went to work.


Addendum and some good reading

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I realize I forgot to include one point in the “Slave Pits” post…the reason why they refer to Mary’s agility and how she “moves like a demon”.

Using Mythic I randomly determined that yes, she was subject to the “strange powers” rules for humans as listed on page 55 of the Mars book.  And the strange power I got for her was Enhanced Agility, and it was a power that came on all at once.

To handle this, given that she wasn’t being designed for Mars and the special powers rules are supposed to come in at generation time, I opted to say that rather than having her agility start a dice higher, she instead had all of her agility skills bump up by one dice.  Thus the reasoning behind her being described as being especially agile.

Since this is a short post, I also wanted to include a couple of links to some really good reading in the RPG vein.  If/when you’re totally bored of me, go see these sites, they have some (I think) excellent commentary and ideas and tools for gaming.

RPG Diehard (and check out the “actual play” tag there)
Playing D&D With Pornstars (don’t be put off by the name or the “content advisory”, there’s no actual porn there that I’ve seen, it’s just the guy’s day job)
A Character for Every Game (this one inspired me to start this blog actually and he has amazing maps)