Lady in Distress (part 2)

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Modern, RPG, Solo
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Picking up where we left off, Drake had just rescued the ship’s doctor from a terrorist who was holding her hostage and forcing her to work on a patient.

The doctor quickly explains that she’s been held here for several hours since the ship was taken by the terrorists.  The patient on the table is also a terrorist who was injured during the takeover by one of the crewmen (he used a fire axe).  He won’t be waking up anytime soon but likely won’t die either.  Drake zip ties him to the bed and questions the doctor on what she knows about the virus.  Unfortunately she knows nothing.  She does reveal, however, that the terrorists have herded the remaining crew  and passengers into the private dining room off the main dining room and have them there under guard.  The doctor does not know if Dr Salcedo is among them.

Drake reports this to the rest of the agents.

Biggs and Proulx, meanwhile, have gone down the stairs to E Deck in hope of finding the engine room.  Down here it’s obviously more the working part of the ship, though still nicely enough decorated because passengers still come here.  They begin creeping along the right side of the deck toward the dining room, keeping eyes open for terrorists.  Drake reports what she has discovered from the doctor.  The men pause while getting the report.

“Secure the doctor and catch up with us.  We’re going ahead to scout the hostages.”

They continue down the corridor but as they do, they hear sounds coming from an open doorway on their right.  The agents pause at the door and look in.  Two men dressed in military fashion, with holstered pistols are searching the room.  The room itself is a large cold room, in essence a large refrigerator.

The two agents launch a surprise attack against the terrorists and succeed.  Both do 6 points of damage, one to the left leg, the other to the left foot.  Caught completely surprised, the agents are able to get off a second shot.  Proulx calls a headshot, and makes it easily, doing 9 points and dropping his man to the deck before he can even pull his gun.  Biggs just fires, just hitting his target, getting a second hit into the left leg, doing 7 points of damage.  The terrorist pulls his gun, but marksman Curtis gets off another headshot at the last man standing.  Again he hits easily and drops the target.

Drake arrives, having told the doctor to lock herself into the cabin next to the sick bay and await their return.  Biggs realizes that the terrorists must have been searching for the virus, since the cold storage is a perfect place to keep it.  They decide to take a quick check of the room to see if they can see the virus bottles.  Very quickly Biggs spots an open box of mayonaise with bottles inside that clearly aren’t holding mayonaise.  This is one of the targets of their mission!

“We need to secure this, but obviously they know it’s in here.  It can’t stay here,” Biggs states.

“There’s a fridge upstairs in the disco, behind the bar.  We pack it in there, at least it’s out of here.”

“Done,” says Biggs.  “Let’s move.”

Biggs picks up the box with the bottles and they leave the room, headed back toward the stairs.  On the way they run into the doctor.  She’s left the stateroom to catch up to the agents, it feels safer that way, she says.

“19, you sit on her here,” Biggs says.  The doctor can’t know where the virus goes.  Biggs and Drake disappear up the stairs.  They reach the bar and stow the virus without incident.

Now to secure the ship!

After getting the virus stowed, they take stock.  Drake pauses to reload the rounds from her clip, so her gun is full again.  Downstairs, Proulx finds a cabin and locks himself and the doctor in.  Biggs asks via radio if the doctor knows where the communications room is.  She does!  She even brought a map down from the sick bay for them.  The communication room is just off the bridge, which is entered via stairs from C Deck.  The door is usually locked.  She also points out where the hostages are being held in the dining suite.  Unfortunately she can’t point out the exact location of the engine room.

Biggs and Drake rejoin Proulx and the doctor in the cabin.  They tell the doctor to lock the door and stay there.  They will knock in a particular pattern when it’s safe for her to emerge.  They leave her in there and head out to plan next steps.

“Engines or hostages?” Drake asks.

“So far they don’t know we’re here,” Proulx points out.  “We stop the engines they know we’re here, and can use the hostages against us.”

Biggs considers. “Agreed.  And with the bug secured we know they’re not letting that loose anytime soon.  Okay, here’s the plan, we secure the hostages, and then move on to the engine room.  Once we stop the ship, time is on our side.”

They move down into the darkened dining room and set up with a view of the private dining lounge doorway.  The double doors are closed, and there are no windows.

“Options, people,” Biggs asks.

Proulx speaks first.  “We have no door knocker other than your size twelves.  Have to assume that the doors are locked.  Could rap on the door and shoot through at whoever comes to answer.  Unlikely to be a hostage.”

“Still leaves the door potentially locked and they’re alerted to us.  We don’t know how many are in there or how they’re armed or how trigger happy they are.  I say he kicks the door in, and you and I roll through with 61 covering us from the doorway.  Look for combat uniforms and shoot as needed,” was Drake’s suggestion.

Biggs nodded.  “Okay, let’s do it.  Keep the shooting to a minimum, we want the hostages alive, but don’t hesitate if they’re under threat.”

Interrupt scene – PC Positive, Release Goals (someone needs to go to the bathroom)

Suddenly the doors open and one of the hostages emerges, covered by a man holding a Browning pistol.  He prods the hostage, a man in jeans and a t-shirt, and motions through the darkened dining room.  The hostage starts forward with the terrorist behind him, and the terrorist leaves the door to the dining room open hanging open.

The terrorist is slow, walking well behind the hostage who seems eager to get to the bathroom.  Proulx sets up his rifle, bracing it against a table and aiming at the terrorist.  Drake and Biggs draw their weapons and sprint across the carpeted floor toward the open doorway.

Three called head shots on the terrorist ensure that he won’t be getting up again.  The hostage doesn’t even notice, so intent he is on getting to the washroom!  Meanwhile, Biggs and Drake burst through the door into the dining room.  There is a lone terrorist standing against the wall directly in line with the doorway, a shotgun dangling from his fist.  He’s caught totally flat footed by the agent’s entry into the room.  The hostages are seated around two of the tables in the cozy room, a fair way away from their captor.

The shouting starts.

Biggs: Freeze, drop it, drop it now.
Drake: Down, down on the floor, everyone down.
Benito (Terrorist): Back off, I’ll shoot, I’ll shoot. (while pointing his shotgun at the hostages)

(to be continued…)


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