Lady in Distress (part 4)

Posted: February 2, 2010 in Modern, RPG, Solo
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Last time, the agents had been questioning the rescued hostages, when they were interrupted by the sound of automatic gunfire…

The passengers and crew all duck down while Proulx kills the lights.  As may have been predicted, Maggie the cruise director starts screaming.  It takes Drake a few seconds to get to her and shut her up again, but this time Isadore heard them.

Proulx opens the door a crack and looks out into the darkened dining room.  He creeps out carefully and puts some distance between the galley and himself, all the while crouching down between the chairs.

Biggs opens the second door and sneaks out into the hallway.  Drake follows Proulx, but lingers closer to the galley door.  Isadore hears Drake close the galley door, but at the same time, Drake hears Isadore across the dining lounge.  Drake gets both of her guns ready.  She alerts her team mates quietly using her throat mike.

Proulx spots Isadore across the floor, but in the dim light it’s a difficult shot even with his scope.  As Isadore moves down the floor, she passes behind the cover of the stairs, and Proulx can’t get a shot.

Critically, Isadore can’t get a fix on Drake, but Drake has a clear shot at Isadore.  (random: remote event, overthrow anger — more on this in a second)

Drake fires and just hits Isadore.  Gave her a light laceration of the abdomen, for 5 points, +1 for the location and +1 for the 9mm round for a total of 7 points of damage.  This is a very serious wound for Isadore.  As Isadore raises the AKM to fire, Drake lets go with her other pistol and catches the terrorist in the thigh.  The bullet shatters the femur and cuts the femeral artery.  Isadore goes down, and stays down.

“Guess they know we’re here,” says Proulx.

“Let’s get to the engine room,” Biggs orders.

They hurry down the deck toward the engine room.  As they leave the dining room, ahead of them they see a set of stairs leading up to the higher decks.  Suddenly, on the stairs, there appears a woman holding a gun.  She fires at them and heads back up the stairs.  The shot hits Biggs in the chest for a light abrasion, just a flesh wound really.  With modifiers her .22 does 2 points of damage.  It also makes him mad.

“Get the engines,” he orders, “I’m on this one.”  And he runs to the stairs after her.

(great, I even have half vitural players split up on me…)

Biggs runs up the stairs, with Antoinette always just that far ahead of him.  The top of the stairs end up on B deck, in the Alcazar lounge.  The lounge is lit, but barely.  It’s an atmospheric type lighting, meant for mingling and seducion.  In the centre of the room is the glass sided swimming pool where in better circumstances the patrons could watch swimmers on the deck above.  Now, as Biggs emerges from the companionway, the room is still and empty.  He’s certain she’s still here…but where?

He creeps forward, keeping low between the tables, trying to pick up her trail.  She tries a sneak attack, waiting until he’s almost on top of her before diving at him with her stiletto.  He sees her coming and blocks the attack, but she’s too close to shoot.  She has a hand on his arm, to keep the gun down, he has a hand on her knife to prevent her from stabbing him.  They wrestle and Biggs gains the advantage.

Biggs tries to flip her over his back, but she won’t go and gets the advantage for the moment.  She attempts to gouge him in the head, but he blocks her, and in return he uses her strength against her by twisting the gun in his hand to hit her with it.  He strikes but only does two points of damage.  Antoinette tries to dig into his wound but he shifts away.  He puts a strangle lock on her for another 6 points of damage.  He tries to keep the hold on her and succeeds.  She struggles to escape but he has her now and and as she slips into unconciousness he lowers her to the deck.  He zip ties her, disarms her and leaves her lying behind the bar.

Back downstairs, Drake and Proulx head to the engine room.  Fernando, the terrorist in charge of the engines lies in wait behind the engine room door.  He’s opened it, to invite the agents in.  Training tells them to be cautious.

Donning their gas masks, Drake picks a tear gas grenade off of her combat straps and tosses it into the room.  Quickly the terrorist inside starts coughing, his eyes streaming tears from the toxic gas.  He runs into the hallway firing blindly.  His shot is remarkably close chipping paint near Proulx’s head.  The startled agents return fire as the terrorist runs down the hall.

Drake fires and misses.  Fernando fires again, missing wildly.  Proulx hip fires with the M14, hitting him in the right leg for a serious puncture, doing 8 points of damage.  Fernando drops prone and takes aim at the agents, who fire at him again.  Drake hits him in his gun arm for a light insision for 4 points.  Proulx hits also in the opposite arm for a light laceration, doing 5 points.

Near death, and still choking on the tear gas, Fernando drops his weapon and surrenders.

“Engines clear,” Drake reports.

Upstairs, having just finished stowing the unconcious terrorits, Biggs recieves the report and heads for the bridge.  He arrives there in time to surprise Carlos, who for some strange reason is armed only with throwing knives.  Carlos stands over the corpse of Herve, but otherwise the bridge is empty.  The ship is saved.

(now more on that random event…I investigated that one with some Mythic questions and what came out is that Jeu, realizing the game was up and that he had no hope of pulling off his dastardly scheme, decided to jump ship.  He shot Herve, hoping that the agents would think he was the mastermind, and made off to the life boats.  He cast off and rowed into the beaches of Monte Carlo, where he promptly disappeared.  I suspect we’ll see him again…)

Next time: a wrap up and some thoughts on Top Secret

  1. Monele says:

    This was absolutely awesome! I really liked seeing the hostages being developed, though sadly only a few of them actually had the time to be trouble 🙂 Lucky agents.
    It was also excellent how Mythic *did* declare the hostages wouldn’t behave at first. Though that’s what I would have done as a GM, Mythic agreement or not 😉 Too much potential in there to be wasted.

    Of interest in the Mythic mechanics is how you let quite a few things in the control of Mythic still, even outside of V(irtual)PCs. I’m thinking of trying to fully go down that way and let Mythic just tell a story, forgetting about PCs and NPCs and just thinking of them as characters. Wonder how that will go.

    • greatoldone says:

      That’s a really interesting idea…no distinguishing between PCs and NPCs, they’re all just characters for Mythic to move about with your interpretation, I’ll be very curious to see how an experiment like that will come out!

      I was kind of sorry that the passengers didn’t get more play too. I was hoping that it’d work out that Isadore was going to come down as they came out, and then we’d get a real free for all…but sadly no. That’s how I’d have done it if I was GMing for live humans…

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