The Golden Gods of Rock

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Character, Modern, RPG
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So I had to try out a Fiasco.  And the playset they released for January really caught my imagination: In a touring rock band.  Sex, drugs and rock and roll, what’s not to love?

We’ll start with “the setup”.

First off it’s a three person game.  I suspect that it’d be better as a four or even five person game.  That’d really give you the opportunity to develop and screw over the characters.  Because, really, that’s the beauty of the game, everyone’s supposed to get hosed.  Royally.  It’s what you want to happen.  And it’s a lot of fun doing it.

We started off defining relationships.  The first was “parasites”, and this developed into “drug dealer and drug fiend”.  Another side of the triangle became “Bad friends”.  I picked that one and it got turned into “friends by court order”.  The last side to the triangle was “the Grind – Boss and weirdo with the tool bag”.

It was decided that I was the drug dealer in that relationship.  Rick Rojo, pony-tailed Miami Vice wannabe and drug supplier to the tour.  The fiend in the relationship was actually the weirdo with the tool bag, who turned out to be the tour’s pyrotechnician, Sophie Kurtz.  We were both tied to the “boss” of the tour, the lead singer for the band, Nona Devour (pronounced “dee-vore”, her name is Nona she’s a rocker with a nose ring…).  A quick search on the net for Dave Barry’s “Would Be A Good Name For a Rock Band” (WBAGNFARB), revealed that she was the lead singer of that famous punk band “Trouser Mischief”.  (it was a tossup between that an “Discount Assault”)  For me it was the other side of the “friends by court order” relationship, which we decided mean that we had been lovers but I was now under a restraining order to keep my distance.  Just to add some spice, we decided that Sophie was now Nona’s new love interest as well.

Moving on we set up some other stuff around the relationships.  Between Nona and I was “Need to get laid…by your ex sweetheart”.  I wore the majority of that one, since, of course Nona had moved on.  We then picked out an object, that was “Dude, no way!  An unfortunate x-ray”.  This became the reason for Rick and Nona’s split.  He’d been using her to smuggle drugs while on tour without her knowing, and she found out through this unfortunate x-ray, which she still kept, and which Sophie also knew about.

Finally we needed a location.  That ended up being “at the arena, beneath the stage with the pyro package”.  Thus Sophie got her title as chief pyro-technican!  We knew no good could come of this location, which in itself was a good thing!

After that, through more discussion, we worked out some goals for our characters.  Mine was to get the x-ray to use to blackmail Nona into bed again.  Sophie wanted more recognition than just “weird girl”, she wanted more from Nona, and more money.  And Nona, it was decided, just wanted me dead.  I’d wronged her, and she’ s an angry singer from and angry punk band.  What else could she want?  Of course, she wants Sophie to do it.  Sophie, who buys her drugs from Rick.

Yup, it’s the makings of  a great Fiasco!


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