With Royal Sanction – Pre-credit sequence

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Maggie Q as 001This is a game played out with the old James Bond 007 rules from Victory Games.  I found my rulebook a while back and was inspired to try a game out with it.

The game starts with a random location and mission, as is usual for a good James Bond film.  The main character (heck, the only character) is Elisha Zheng, 001, a Hong Kong born model turned agent for Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  I see her as being played by Maggie Q maybe, or Cecilia Cheung, either one is good by me .

From James Bond RPG
Place: Tokyo
Locations: High security building (ie Fort Knox): Japanese national exchange
Normal bank

From Mythic RPG
Event chart: thread related (38), release (44) pain (29)

From Une
NPC – careful (87) Cleric (67)
Motivations – advance (30) industry (91) and spoil (4) strength (18)

Sun Pan Won is a Korean national and leader of a fanatical cult who is on a
visit to Tokyo trying to drum up some investment for his group’s “work”, which includes attacks against pretty much every western nation. The cult and the leader himself are known organizers of unrest against western interests and the leader is the poster boy for anti-western sentiment. Numerous terrorist events with scores of wounded and killed can be linked back directly to this man. It is known that the money he’s attempting to get now will be funneled directly into a plot against the United Kingdom. Thus, the order has been given, and by Royal Sanction, he is to be assassinated.

A very small window exists during the period of his arrival at the national bank for meetings. When the motorcade stops in front of the building, he will exit his vehicle and be exposed. Mission planners have decided this is when the assassination will take place.

The agent will carry out the operation from an office in the highrise consumer
bank headquarters building across the street. A suitable office on the 10th
floor has been selected. After the action has completed, the agent will exit
the office and join a general downward flow of traffic toward street level.
Once at ground level they will exit from the front of the building and disappear into pedestrian foot traffic.

Weapon of choice is a Walther 2000 sniper rifle

The leader has 1d10 bodyguards with him (roll on guards and soldiers table for which) under the command of a privileged henchman

When the Tokyo police arrive they will have abilities and skills of the #8
“guards and soldiers” listing

The scene opens with Elisha disguised as a maintenance worker having locked
herself into the office and preparing to shoot the target.

I found the whole “scene plan” was very useful for me in trying to work out how things were “expected” to go, vs how they actually came out.

How good a job did she do with her disguise? (GM knowledge: 26PC at an ease
factor of 5, roll is 51 giving QR3).

Did everything go as “normal” up to the target’s arrival? That is, no one
trying to unlock the door, the car arrived as expected, etc etc. (odds likely,
roll: 32, yes)

The car pulled down the street toward the national bank building. Elisha Zheng, 001, gave the sights on the Walther rifle a final adjustment and lined up the shot with the area where the motorcade would have to stop. She was calm, patient, waiting for the chance. The black limousine pulled to the curb and a tall man stepped out of the front. This was Ku Song, Won’s chief bodyguard.

Song checked carefully around and opened the door to the limo. Won slid from the leather seat and stood, saying something to Song. He started to move toward the door to the building.

Elisha pulled the trigger crisply, the bullet hitting Won exactly as she had
aimed. He crumpled to the sidewalk, but Elisha was already up and away from the window. She stuffed the Walther into the leather bag she had carried up with her and started toward the door.

On the street, Song knew that his boss was done for. He watched the effect of
the bullet, saw the man go down, and knew he was dead before he hit the
sidewalk. With a glance he could see the hole made by the shooter in the glass
wall of the building across the street.

“Go!” he shouted to the guards around him, waving them toward the bank. They may have gotten Won, but he was determined to find who had done this and stop them at any cost. The men pulled their Glocks and Uzi pistols while Won himself found his Desert Eagle in his hand.

Inside, 001 crossed the short distance from the office to the stairwell. Around her no one in the office seemed aware of what had transpired and work continued as normal. She opened the door and slipped into the stairwell unnoticed. From the lobby, she could hear the doors open and the sound of men running in.

“Shoot anyone coming down these stairs!” she heard Song shout.

Is there more than one stairwell in the building? (likely) 39 yes
How many guards does Elisha get? 3 plus henchman (it’s a Bond game, after all)
Does Elisha hear the order to shoot people on the stairs? (unlikely, 29 yes)
Is there anyone in the stairwell for them to shoot? 14 yes

The guard in the lead looked up and saw a man in a suit coming down. Without hesitation he pumped off three rounds from his Glock and the man fell dead.

Can Elisha see them? (somewhat likely, after all it’s an open concept office) 35

Time for plan B, she thought, and turned, heading up the stairs toward the roof.

At this point, I switch from “combat round” to “chase rounds”. Distance is
medium for the guards, long for Song, the henchman.

Elisha began running up the stairs, drawing her H&K P7 pistol while she did.
Behind her, the guards too started up, but like a bad slapstick movie the three
of them tripped over each other in their haste to get up the stairs. Song
arrived behind them and quickly sorted them out to get climbing.

Chases in James Bond use a bidding system to see who goes first, the lower the bid, the tougher the attempt to do what you want to do. You then roll for
success and if you fail, you roll to see if you injure yourself doing it. In
this case, all the guards failed, and hurt themselves in the climb.

I started each chase round with the mythic question “Does all remain as
expected?”. For the next round the answer was a straight yes.

Elisha continued climbing the stairs, not even winded yet due to her endurance training. Hoping to slow down her pursuers she threw off a quick shot, knowing it wouldn’t hit anyone, but thinking it might make them more cautious. The guards were quickly getting winded and slowing down, but Song was keeping pace with her. And now he knew he was on the trail of the assassin.

Does Song call to the other guards to bring them over? Likely 22 Yes and a
random event
73 Neutral
41 Expose
10 Good
I decided that this would mean an innocent was coming into harm’s way.

The way I handled the interactive nature of bidding was to apply odds to the
question and then roll on the fate chart.
Bid is 7, she goes 5, do they go lower? 99 ex no! He stops to take a shot.
She flees and zigzags 5 – 1 for stairs -1 for zigzag = 3 81 roll 42, QR 4 or 1
He is now distant.

Down the stairs, Elisha could see Song stop and raise his silver pistol for a
shot. She dodge quickly when to her side the door opened and an innocent worker was about to step into the line of fire. With a quick shove she sent the man back and the bullet cracked off the wall where he would have been standing.

“Not your floor!” she shouted and continued running.

Do the other guards appear now? V unlikely 82 no
Does it continue as expected? Likely 61 yes
Bid is 7, she bids 6, does he push it? unlikely 5 Definitive yes!
He bids 4, she lets him go.
He pursues EF 4 -1 stairs -1 untrained = 2 or 28 roll 43 fail
Safety roll at EF 6 – 2 = 4 or 56 roll 28 pass
She flees at EF 4 -1 stairs = 3 or 78 roll 29 QR 3 = 2 bands
He is now at extreme +1

The Bond system uses ranges for chases as close, medium, long, distant and
extreme. Beyond extreme you have extreme+1 +2 etc but once beyond extreme you’re effectively out of chase range. I’d decided at the outset of the chase that when she got to Extreme+1 she was at the roof, but with the other guards on the way I wanted to confirm that.

Is she at the roof? S’what likely 13 yes
Do the other guards appear now? Likely 44 yes and random event
53 PC negative
50 Debase
18 the intellect

I puzzled over this for a while, trying to figure out how to make it fit. Then
I realized, the door is not what she expects, it’s some high tech contraption
that confounds normal mortals. She’s stuck for a round at least. And now that
the other guards show up, she’s also likely under fire too!

Are the guards at long range? 50/50 76, no so they’re at medium

Finally, Elisha reached the door to the roof. But when she got there, it was
like no door she’d encountered before. It closed with some sort of
sophisticated latch intended to keep the casual office worker from wandering out onto the roof. She was stuck. A few floors below, a door into the stairwell
crashed open and three other bodyguards burst in. They saw her and immediately opened fire, two with their Glocks and one with an Uzi pistol. The bullets clattered above her head, raining cement chips down on her. Elisha returned fire, and each of her two shots hit, a glancing blow on two of the bodyguards.

With a flash of inspiration Elisha realized how to get the door open. Pulling
the latch and pushing the handle at the same time the door snapped open. She ducked through, loosing too more snap shots at the guards behind her. Again both hit and one bodyguard crumpled to the floor in pain, out of the race.  Elisha dashed through the door and out onto the roof.

At this point I needed to know if the “escape stuff” was there for her? Very
likely, roll 22, yes and a random event.
52 PC negative
49 Harm
76 The Mundane

Some innocent has discovered the package left for her!

Running across the rough surface of the building’s roof, Elisha approached the air conditioning duct housing that hid her escape route. A pack, carefully
stowed days earlier, waited for her just in case an event such as this occurred.

As she rounded the corner, however, she saw that someone was there already. An innocent maintenance worker had pulled the pack from it’s hiding spot and was examining it closely. Without breaking stride Elisha launched into a flying kick, knocking the worker out cold. She inspected the pack, was it still alright?

Is the package okay? Unlikely, roll 36 yes

She donned the pack as the door to the roof burst open and Song came onto the roof with his guards. He called to them, indicating the ductwork as the most likely place she’d be hiding. Elisha ran toward the edge of the building and threw herself over the side as their bullets began spraying around her. The roof was peppered with shots as she launched into nothingness. Song and his men ran to the edge after her sending more lead at the plummeting form.

Okay, so it's really Shanghai, it's close...still AsiaIn a second she yanked the handle, and the chute opened above her, blossoming into a canopy over her. Guiding her way down through the jungle of buildings, she landed atop a single story shop which backed onto an urban park a few blocks from the national bank. The chute came off with a quick release and just as quickly she yanked off her maintenance overalls. The breakaway sides came off to reveal her in a dark business suit. Elisha swung herself off the building and stuffed the coveralls into the large purse.

Walking through the pedestrian traffic away from the park she heard police
sirens at the bank building. She turned a corner and ducked into an empty
doorway. With another yank her pants came off at breakaway seams, revealing a short plaid skirt beneath. Now looking like any one of a million college students, Elisha disappeared into the subway system.

Cue theme music, cut to Maurice Binder scenes of silhouette women doing
gymnastics on pistols…


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