With Royal Sanction – Part 2

Posted: May 9, 2010 in RPG
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Following up on what Roberto had told her, Elisha left Rome and headed for her home town, Hong Kong.  It hadn’t been long since last she’d visited, and she still had both friends and relatives here.  Usually Elisha would take the time to visit but this time was business, she had work to do.

Before leaving Rome she’d put in a request for information on the banker, Donna Giaccone.  The money aspect of the case seemed to be growing in importance all the time.  If it was important enough to cost Roberto his life, it was very important indeed. Which made the banker all the more interesting to Elisha.  She received her response just before boarding the flight from Rome.

There was nothing.  Donna Giaccone was an enigma, a total unknown to MI6.

I rolled on the question “Do we have a history for Donna?” and got a 96, extreme no answer.  Guess no one knows who she is!

Another message awaited her on arriving in Hong Kong.  Local agents had picked up the banker’s trail.  She was staying at a luxury hotel in the Tsuen Wan district in the New Territories.  The hotel Nina. And that, Elisha decided, would be her first destination.

She arrived at the hotel to discover that there was a commotion of some sort underway outside.  As Elisha approached she could see an ambulance and some medical figures in white moving around.  That was when she spotted Donna Giaconne, dressed in doctor’s scrubs, approaching her.

“Time for you to go to sleep,” the banker/doctor said, and jabbed a hypodermic into 001’s arm.  Elisha went down in a haze of drugs and confusion.

This was an altered scene (from inside the hotel to outside) and a random event combined.  I thought it had a nice James Bond-ish surprise element to it.  I’m sure James himself has been taken down in similar fashion, like the after cable car sequence in Moonraker.

Elisha's View

When Elisha opened her eyes she discovered she was tied down on a bench, lying in a torture chamber with a view.  While there were no burning coals or steel thumbscrews, the electrical cables and other instruments of torture were clearly laid out on the tables around her.  And beyond them was a beautiful view of Hong Kong, as seen from the upper stories of whatever building they were in.  Elisha estimated they were on the 17th floor at least.  A torture chamber in the sky.  Somehow being able to see freedom and life so close at hand but still so unobtainable, was worse than if she were trapped in a dank dungeon.

The banker wasn’t there,  but herright hand man, Song, was.  And with him were three other Korean toughs, who didn’t look like they were there to discuss football scores.  Song started questioning, and the toughs started in.

“Who do you work for?”


“What do you know?”


True to her training, Elisha willed herself unconscious.

This all came out of some random events while working out who was there. and where we were.  I got “Imprison Technology” for where we woke up, which translated into the skyscraper torture chamber.  And then “Fight Military” which got us into the questioning.

It just got weirder from here.

When Elisha awoke the goons were gone, but Song was still there, looking as angry and aggressive as always.  His master was with him too.  Donna Giaconne, now dressed in a blue power suit stood over Elisha.

I asked “is she calm?” with very likely odds.  96, exceptional no.

So what does she talk about? “Travel war”

“You are persistent, aren’t you?” Giaconne asked.  “You really get around,.  Seems the warning in Roma wasn’t enough for you.”

“What can I say,” Elisha said, “I’m just a curious girl.  Curious about what you’re planning on doing with the late reverend Won’s millions.”

“Oh I’m sure you would, you pathetic creature.  But seeing you trussed up like that I don’t think you’re going to learn anything.  You British.  So smug, your Empire is almost a century dead and buried, buy yet you refuse to lie down.  You still think you police the world.”

“Well someone’s got to catch the scum, don’t they?”

Giaconne laughed derisively.  “It won’t be you my dear.  Such a shame you won’t be around to see the total collapse of the pathetic world you serve.”

She turned to Song.  “Make it look like an accident.”

He stuck Elisha with another hypodermic and darkness enveloped her again.


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