Lovecraftian sit-coms!

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Horror, RPG, Scenario, Tools
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I was flipping through my Call of Cthulhu rules the other day, while listening to “The Shadow Out of Tim” by the Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (highly recommended btw) when I was somehow struck by the idea of a sit-com idea, informed by HP’s writing.  Then after the first, came another…and another!  And, of course, my first thought was: how can I play this as an RPG??

Then I remembered reading about “Prime Time Adventures”, the set of rules specifically for doing TV shows!

The sit-coms:

Dad’s a Great Old One

Family sitcom featuring two teenaged children (son and daughter), busy wife and husband.  The husband has had his mind supplanted by the great race of Yith, but so far no one has noticed.  He becomes more secretive through the series, building strange devices and such in the basement and planning family vacations to uncharted islands in the south Pacific.  The kids meanwhile work through their issues in high school and the wife deals with balancing her career and parenthood.  Their kooky neighbour features as a regular guest star, as well as the beautiful 20-something Pacific islander “assistant” dad has picked up to help with his “work”.

The Two Charlie Wards

Sitcom of magic and mistaken identity after Charlie Ward resurrects his long dead ancestor, who is also his twin!  Characters include Charlie’s mom and dad, and his long suffering girlfriend, who can never be sure which Charlie she’s going out with.  Wacky hijinx ensue, of course.

The Fish Family

Nora Fish lives in a little New England town with her three children, dealing with the issues of life, love and growing up, oh as well as mutating into Deep Ones!  Nora moved her family back to Innsmouth to help care for her aged mother, after a few years in Boston.  Her kids are growing up and she understands the need to get back to family, especially when half of that family lives underwater in ancient basalt-block cities.  The oldest boy is beginning to transition into a Deep One, but not enough to have to be locked away…yet.  And the time is coming for her daughter to be chosen as a bride for the Deep Ones, but she’d rather be with her secret (perfectly human) boyfriend.  The youngest boy, Wilbur, is special too, for though only 6, he’s already an accomplished wizard, and destined for Deep One greatness, if he can avoid getting caught!  Of course there’s also granny, who stays in the attic and just thumps the floor when she wants more raw meat…

Innsmouth Seafood

The story of a single mom and her coming of age daughter who run the only seafood store and restaurant in Innsmouth, Mass.  They left the dangers of big-city Providence for the quiet life of the little costal town of Innsmouth, oblivious to the cults and strangeness lurking there.  They set up the a nice little seafood store, selling fresh catch, and whatever washes up on the beach.  Mom is being romanced by the leader of the local Esoteric Order of Dagon, and her daughter is learning some strange new chants, uh cheers, on the Innsmouth High cheerleading squad.

And I thought of a couple of hour dramas…

Dr West

Medical drama featuring Dr Herb West, rising star at Arkham Mercy Hospital.  Each week features a “disease of the week” which Dr West tries to treat.  Things get interesting when he fails, and then experiments with ways of bringing the patient back to life.

Cthulhu Inc

Laurel Jones, MBA felt lucky when she found a job so quickly in the current job market.  She’d never heard of Cyclopean Industries Inc but a middle management job with good pay was a godsend to keep her and her two children afloat, and an ambitious woman like her might even have a chance to get ahead.  But something sinister is going on at Cyclopean, something involving labs, late nights, top secret projects, and a COO that is never seen.  It’s the X-files meets the Prisoner, and Kingdom Hospital meets Secret of my Success; it’s Cthulhu Inc.

Now I need to work these out for “Prime Time Adventures” and then try and play some out!  Anyone have a preference?


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