Frankie Shock (revisited)

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Character, Horror, RPG
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I’ve decided that I really like Frankie Shock, the DJ I created for Don’t Rest Your Head.  She’s vaguely based on my favorite DJ on the station I listen to here in Ottawa, not that I know anything about the real DJ’s life but I combine what I hear with imagination, and so I get Frankie!

I’ve recreated Frankie in two different rule sets: Blood from PostMortem Studios, and Fear Itself, from Pelgrane Press.  I want to try an experiment with these two characters.  Both rule sets are for modern horror stories, but the approaches are very different.  Blood is just that, bloody!  It’s for John Carpenter, hack and slash, run from the killer type horror.  Fear Itself on the other hand, is more aimed toward investigative horror, Blair Witch and that sort of story (it is a GUMSHOE system game after all).

So my experiment is this, create the same character in both systems and then play out a game and see how the systems handle various elements.

Here’s the first Frankie Shock, for Blood.  Note that I used the rules for character creation within the game, and didn’t tweak things at all.  Just the vanilla character rules…

Before the character let me give some general observations of the character creation system.  The skill listings and the profession listings are quite rich.  There’s lots of options there for creating very interesting characters.  But, the system as it stands, especially for skill purchase, ensures that characters are either one note wonders or very underpowered when they start out.  And given the length of time and detail required to create the character, you don’t want them to die off too quickly!  Also, because of the random rolling within limits, it’s difficult to create a character that the player has a vision for, without messing about with the numbers.  Final thing noticed…there’s no psychic abilities or even occult knowledge skill.  So if you want to try and run Fox Mulder or have a “sensitive” character, you’re going to need to work out house rules for it, because Basic Blood doesn’t have it.

Now on to the Character:

Frankie Shock – KROK DJ

Physical Attributes
Strength    67
Stamina        47
Agility        22
Perception    49
Appearance    99

Mental Attributes
Intelligence    32
Willpower    12
Pain Threshold    88
Luck        30

Walk 2, Jog 4, Run 7, Sprint 12
Actions 3
Damage Bonus +1d4
Energy point bonus +5
HTH Bonus +5

Education Modifier -40
Exert Strength 25%
Initiative -1
Range+ -5
Parry+ -5

HP Bonus +5
Shock 70
Toxin Resist 75

Hear  40
Sight 40
Smell 20
Taste 15
Touch 20

HP (67 + 47) / 5 + 10 + 6 + 5 = 44
BP (67 + 47) / 5 + 20 = 43
EP (67 + 47 + 22) / 3 + 10 + 5 = 60
MP (32 + 12) / 2 = 22

– smoker
– coffee addict
– both arms tattooed
– bleach blonde

Physical Skill points (67 + 47 + 22 + 49) /2 + 0 = 92.5
Mental Skill points 32 + 12 = 44

Consume alcohol      23
Entertainment(DJ)      27
Leadership   7
Leap            33
Memorize  11
Move silently        23
Music         23
Parry  11
Fast talk     10
Sexual Technique    23
Street Fighting  15
Writing   23

Hand to Hand  52
Melee        28
Thrown  11
Pistol      10



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