Frankie III

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Character, Horror, RPG
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Carrying on from last time, today we’ll present Ms Shock as produced for Fear Itself.

Again too, some intro notes.  I used the standard character creation rules for the system to put Frankie together here.  The first thing I noticed is that it’s a very “stats lite” system.  The first thing you do is come up with a concept and a “role”, but neither directly effects the creation process other than to help focus the character being created.

Characters have no traits per se either.  They’re a collection of skills and abilities, which are actually point pools (more on these pools later).  These are basically the only numerical traits that are associated with your Fear Itself character.

I also find the skill system somewhat anemic.  Characters get 60 points to spend in the dice pools for creation, and I honestly had a tough time finding enough skills to put dice into.  There are no “fluff” skills, it’s all “infiltration” and “filch” and “mechanics”, no “entertainment” or “sexual technique” here!

Now about those point pools.  Characters need to roll high to succeed in this game, and the tough rolls are impossible without  a little mojo to help ’em out.  Also they say that GMs shouldn’t tell players the difficulty factor they’re looking to beat, so you’ll never know when you need the mojo and when you won’t.  Mojo comes in the form of the point pools, with a 1 for 1 add to the dice.  Need to be sure you make the roll?  Add 4 points from your pool to the dice roll (points picked before you roll too by the way).  But those points only refresh when you get some time to “rest and relax”, and only at like 3 points an hour.  A tough session and a GM who pulls the “the killer has found your resting place” and you’re running around with depleted pools.  Frankie has a “fleeing” of 10…but that’s not going to get her far in a multi-round chase against mask-face the killer.  Then she’ll be all fleed out.

I can’ t say for sure that this is how it’ll play out, but I have my concerns already…

Now onto Frankie, version three!

Frankie Shock
Concept: aging DJ
Role: sexy girl
Weakness: dismissive
Worst thing she did: abandoned her family when they needed her most
Goal: wants to care for her mom

General Abilities
Health 11
Stability 11 (survivor, smoking, for mom)
Athletics 6
Fleeing 10
Scuffling 4
Sense Trouble 10
Shrink 5
Driving 5

Investigative Abilities
Reassurance 4
Flirting 6



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