Johannes Cabal the D6 Necromancer

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Character, Horror, RPG
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Johannes Cabal the DetectiveWe left off last time having decided to make a version of our favourite necromancer using the D6 Adventure rules which are available under the OGL. Now, normally when I put together a character I use the rules as written, trying to figure out how to really make the character for the game. In this case, however, I’m going to make an exception. Cabal is so unique that I can’t imagine any base generation process being able to capture all that he is. So out the window with the rules, and we’ll try to stay true to form for the man, hopefully not ruining any hope of play balance in the process!

So on with the Necromancer! And I have to start with a picture…this is honestly what comes to mind for me when I’m reading. This is the Cabal of my mind’s eye…

Sting as Frankenstein (The Bride)

The traits for D6 are:
and Extranormal

Looking at these against the Cabal sheet from Howard himself, I think I’ll class his Knowledge as his top attribute with Physique and Reflexes among the lowest. Presence is more than Charisma, since it includes willpower, command, intimidate and things like that, so it’ll be more toward the middle of the pack.

So let’s go with
Reflexes 3D
Coordination 2D+2
Physique 2D+1
Knowledge 5D
Perception 4D
Presence 3D
Extranormal, Magic 4D

We’re already 6 dice over the character creation standard. But then again, it’s very Cabal to make the character by breaking the rules…

Now on to skills. Skills in the D6 system use the base ability and then just add dice to that. Perusing the skill lists I settle on:
Dodge +1d
Melee Combat +2d (covers both fencing and knives)

I see nothing of special note here

Nope, not here either

Medicine +2d
Scholar, Alchemy +2d (for making his serums)
Scholar, Death +2d

Investigation +2d
Know how +2d (he’s just generally “handy”)
I thought long about giving him “search” but he seems to be not the best at seeing things…like former enemies coming up behind him on an airship…)

Command +2d (with haughty disdain)
Con +1d (he’s not really good at this)
Willpower +1d

Extranormal, magic
Alteration, Necromancy +3d (he’s very specialized in his magic)

Then there’s the fun stuff…advantages and disadvantages. We’ll start with the disadvantages.

I’ll pick “Devotion” and his devotion is to the elimination of death. It’s the central crux his life revolves around. The description of a level three devotion is “At this rank, the character’s belief in the cause motivates almost all his actions. The character would willingly die for his belief.” and I think that sounds right.

I’ll also pick “Enemy”. He’s a criminal, he’s wanted in several locations by many people and let’s face it, he’s a despised Necromancer. I think it fits. The descriptions talk about a group that wants the character taken care of, and that’s pretty much everyone who knows who and what he is. It crops up all the time, but it’s not like they try and blow up his house all the time or hunt down his family. So it’s not a level 3, but I’ll give it a level 2 for sure.

And then advantages.

I’ll go with “Wealthy” to represent his background and prestigious family. It only rates a level one though, since really money is not really a focus. More references to his aristocratic nature.

And I’ll pick “Trademark Specialization” which is, of course, Necromancy. That is the only advantage or disadvantage that gives a mechanical effect. He gains an additional +2d when performing Necromantic magic.

Add his Gladstone bag, and he’s ready for play.

Johannes Cabal, The Necromancer

Reflexes 3D
– Dodge +1d
– Melee Combat +2d

Coordination 2D+2

Physique 2D+1

Knowledge 5D
– Medicine +2d
– Scholar, Alchemy +2d
– Scholar, Death +2d

Perception 4D
– Investigation +2d
– Know how +2d

Presence 3D
– Command +2d
– Con +1d
– Willpower +1d

Extranormal, Magic 4D
– Alteration, Necromancy +3d

Devotion(R3) – The Elimination of Death
Enemy(R2) – Everyone who hates necromancy

Trademark Specialization, Necromancy(R1)

Gladstone Bag containing:
– Notebook with notes (encrypted)
– Pen and ink
– Surgical tools
– Syringes
– Stock of necromantic serums
– .577 Webley handgun, loaded (Dam: 5D, Ammo: 6, Ranges: 20/35/50)


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