Recent Acquisitions

Posted: September 2, 2013 in RPG, Rules
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Just wanted to jot down a quick note on some recent purchases I made in the RPG realm.

The most recent, just this weekend, was something the boys talked me into…a copy of Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight. I didn’t spring for the $70 full book, but I also didn’t get the “beginner” book. I found a copy of the pre-release “beta” for only $20! How much of a score is that? So far it reads well, and I’m anxious to start playing. The boys have already worked out exactly what kind of bounty hunters they want to play, so now to get a game set up. Review and more details to follow…

Flashing Blades
I also picked up some downloads in the RPG Now sale that was on recently. There were some great prices, and I was able to score some good deals. One of these was Flashing Blades from Fantasy Games Unlimited. Now, I’ve documented my love of FGU’s games here previously, but Flashing Blades was one that had slipped by me back in the day. I have to think that my old FLGS never carried it. It’s also entirely possible that it just never pushed my buttons back in the day. Now, however, the whole concept of les Musketeers du Roi really catch my imagination. And unlike many of FGU’s other rule sets, this one isn’t all that crunchy. The combat system is also quite neat in that it seems like it really nicely mimics dueling and different strategies for sword combat and schools, rather than roll-to-wound-roll-damage like most other sets. And there are still a surprising volume of resources available out there for FB, and thanks to the miracle of downloads, you can have the whole library for something like $30. Again, more on this later, including a character!

Blue Planet CoverAnd the last item I want to mention is “Blue Planet” first published by Biohazard games, then Fantasy Flight, then Red Brick and finally FASA. The edition I got was the first, Biohazard, version. I’ve only just started reading this, but I can see why it was an award winner back in the 90’s. What a unique and really neat setting! I haven’t even hit mechanics or character creation or anything…just setting. Now normally I hate game provided settings. More often than not, I get the rules and immediately see how I can bastardize them into what I want them to be. But in this case, I love the setting. About the only thing I’d be interested in doing with it is to play in an earlier era, before the return of the UN, while the colony is alone and trying to survive. Sort of the best of exploration and post-apocalyptic gaming in one! Again, more on this as I dive deeper…


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