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Posted: September 3, 2013 in RPG
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Story CubesI’ve been thinking for a while about some scenarios or setups I’d love to play out and see how they go. Some stuff that just isn’t quite what you’d expect from the lettering on the tin, but that could be fun just the same. I realize that these ideas would for the most part require a very mature group, probably with a high level of trust and would require a clever and well prepared GM to be able to pull off properly so as to not loose the group along the way.

Still, I know I’d like to try them, just to see how it goes…and if they were to fail, I’d hope they could fail spectacularly. (“Holy crap, we just killed Luke and Han!”)

James Bond, From the Novels with Love

Okay, first up, one I came up with a couple years ago when I went on my last James Bond kick. Play using the old Victory Games rules, but set the game during the period of the books, and set up the scenario like it’s out of the books rather than the movies. The Ian Fleming books are very different creatures from the movies they made them into. The novels are far more about espionage, undercover work and being a truly 50’s spy. Give Bond his girly Beretta .25 in the chamois holster. Have him tool around 50’s London and everywhere else, fighting SMERSH and the KGB, and where plans are for things like rocket attacks on London, rather than laser satellites blowing up submarines.

Star Wars, For the Emperor!

I’d play this one straight. Characters are all Imperial navy, Stormtroopers, planetary garrison, etc. all working for Darth Vader and the Emperor. They’re loyalists fighting for the “true” government of the Republic/Empire and looking to crush the rebels. Heck, I think it’d be neat to play a team of Jedi hunters, tasked by the Emperor himself to go out and track down the last remaining Jedi and fulfill Order 66. I think there could be a lot of good role playing opportunity here to get into the moral grey area of following orders vs doing what’s right. Another option would be to play out the movies (the original trilogy) but as Imperials out to track down the droids holding the information on the Death Star, and capture the rebels who want to use them. There’s half of the universe out there that isn’t being explored, and I’d like to see what I can find there.

Movie Night

Pick a movie. Almost any movie. And turn it into a game. Play out Star Wars, Star Trek (especially the Motion Picture or Wrath of Khan), Raiders of the Lost Ark…pick one. Make characters, either the same or (in some ways this would be better) different from what was in the movie…then game the scenario with some changes so it’s not a foregone conclusion. The James Bond game did this by turning the movies into modules, but changing them enough that the plot was very different, and trying to play the movie would just ensure you failed.

Oh, You Think So Do You?

This would be a scenario, played out with Savage Worlds or something like that, but with the only sort of conflict being social/verbal. A court room drama, a period Jane Austiny thing, something where no one shot at anyone, but there was much verbal sparring. I like the idea of a cut and thrust of wordplay, and I’ve read rules for Savage Worlds specifically designed for “social combat”, but I’ve never encountered them in use. It’s something I’d like to see, and even better, try!


Almost every fantasy RPG I’ve ever seen is set in a Tolkien-inspired, built on pseudo-Feudal-European culture. Or else it’s set in a Tolkien-inspired, pseudo-Feudal-Japan, with ninjas! There are so many other options out there and I’d like to try one or three for a campaign. Lamentations of the Flame Princess at least tries, vaguely setting their stuff in a sort of Renaissance Europe. I’d like to try a campaign that was based on the Zulu, or the various tribes of Native Americans, or cave people, or Ancient Rome or Greece. What’s the THAC0 for a naked hoplite anyway?

So, some thoughts on what I’d propose to my group to try sometime, y’know if I had a group…


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