Posted: September 9, 2013 in RPG, Scenario
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That’s what everyone who’d ever heard of the place called it. Oh sure, it had a real name, as part of a real system, but to anyone who knew about it, Dust was a much better name.

Dust Town

Dust Town

Originally it had been part of the Techno Union, back in the Old Republic days. But then with the rise of Palpatine the Union got folded into the Empire. And though it was now under new management, Dust remained, and kept doing what it had for centuries: a scrap heap and breaking yard for technology past it’s prime. But there’s something there, something valuable, something worth pawing through Republic’s graveyard for.

And that’s what the characters are there to find.

This is the first encounter for the scenario I’m coming up with for the boys to play with Fantasy Flight’s Edge of the Empire rules.

The first challenge is getting the characters to the planet, and there are a number of ways to accomplish this. The place can start life as a rumor, a story of a place filled with technology for the taking. Sure some of it is old and some useless, but there are bound to be any number of lost jewels hidden in among the scrap. Another option would be to just assign the characters a job there, and that’s the direction I’m going to go with, since the boys aren’t exactly subtle yet. Since they’re both being bounty hunters, I’ll assign them to go and find someone. Their job will be to go and find “Corvare” who lives on the wreck of the ship Guiding Councillor, a former diplomatic ship that met it’s ruin 40 years previously and was dropped here for breaking.

The first stop on Dust is “Dust Town”, a starport and jumping off point for those coming to or leaving the planet. Dust Town is small, but it’s population is 99% transient, workers coming and going mostly. The port itself is a collection of three hangar bays to one end of town, each bay being attached to a fueling facility and fuel storage tanks. Hangars are labeled A, B and C. Just outside the hangars is a dark bar that has been named “the Scrap Yard” by the patrons over the years. The place lives up to its name, as there is usually a scrap or two that goes down after a night (or day) of drinking among the hard beings who work the Dust heaps beyond the gate. A set of stairs at the end of the building lead onto the roof, permitting fire over the walls should the town come under attack. In front of the port and beside the bar is a market area, with a courtyard covered by a large tent. Past the market is the town’s fusion power cluster. Of the three blocks of flats, two are single story, while the third is two stories with a walkway facing the spaceport. The front wall, on either side of the double gate, boasts two firing perches looking out over the front approach to the town. The big weak spot, however, is the one town wall which has no firing step. A big oversight should the local fauna (or pirates or …) decide to take over the main civilian entry point to the planet…

I think for the characters, the best place to try and start finding the Guiding Councillor would be the Scrap Yard. Show up, start talking to the (current) locals, who’s seen what, that sort of thing. I can see that quickly leading to some combat, mostly just to get the boys used to the combat system (and test it myself, to be honest). If that doesn’t get anywhere, we can always have an attack on the walls by someone, or something and see what that turns up. Either way, the goal is to get out of town with an idea of what path to follow and what landmarks to find along the way.


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