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Thoughts on Crossfire, the RPG

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Modern, RPG, Rules
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cfcoverSo I was reading reviews on Dust Adventures, the RPG version of the Dust Tactics wargame, and it got me thinking. “I have a great WWII wargame, why not turn that into an RPG?”
For those who’ve never played Crossfire, it’s a (as I said) WWII wargame by Arty Conliffe (he also did Spearhead and a number of other rulesets). Here’s a link to the wikipedia page on it for info. Awesome game, played without I-go-U-go turns, rulers, measuring tapes, or any of that stuff. Just figures, a table and some dice. So how to turn that into an RPG?


What Am I Playing Now?

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Dag HammardalSo in the interim since last I posted anything (yes many moons ago), I had a great time with a published Star Wars adventure! I have a gang here now that I can play with on a semi-regular basis and it was awesome to be back in the game, so to speak…
So who was I?
His name is Dag Hammardal, and while I initially started off by calling him a “failed Jedi” I realized this was not quite accurate…