What Am I Playing Now?

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Dag HammardalSo in the interim since last I posted anything (yes many moons ago), I had a great time with a published Star Wars adventure! I have a gang here now that I can play with on a semi-regular basis and it was awesome to be back in the game, so to speak…
So who was I?
His name is Dag Hammardal, and while I initially started off by calling him a “failed Jedi” I realized this was not quite accurate…

I’ll actually call him a wannabe Jedi instead. Even in this time of fear and the hunt for all things Force using, Dag misses the fact that he never got to be chosen for training, never got to try his hand at saving the universe. So he now goes around pretending to be a Jedi in hiding, but not doing too good a job of it. He throws around names from the old Republic days, Master Windu, Master Yoda, stuff like that. Little does he realize it’s going to get an inquisitor on his ass, and he stands zero chance of surviving that encounter. But until then he keeps trying, learning a bit more of the Force as he goes.

Find Dag’s full character sheet here.


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