Thoughts on Crossfire, the RPG

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Modern, RPG, Rules
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cfcoverSo I was reading reviews on Dust Adventures, the RPG version of the Dust Tactics wargame, and it got me thinking. “I have a great WWII wargame, why not turn that into an RPG?”
For those who’ve never played Crossfire, it’s a (as I said) WWII wargame by Arty Conliffe (he also did Spearhead and a number of other rulesets). Here’s a link to the wikipedia page on it for info. Awesome game, played without I-go-U-go turns, rulers, measuring tapes, or any of that stuff. Just figures, a table and some dice. So how to turn that into an RPG?

So to start with what you obviously need for a WWII RPG…combat. The mechanic of CF is roll d6es, 5 and 6 count as success; same here. All characters are assumed to be Veterans.  To make characters expert or elite, add one die to their weapon skills.  To make them green, subtract one die.  The starter weapon skill list is as follows:

  • Pistols: 2 Dice, short range only
  • SMG: 4 Dice short range, 2 dice beyond
  • Rifle/Long Arm: 3 Dice
  • LMG (Bren, BAR, etc): 4 Dice
  • HMG: 5 Dice

This same mechanic applies to skills.  Skills class in several levels:

  • Unskilled/Dabbler: 1 Die (potentially 1 die with penalty die)
  • Student: 2 Dice
  • Professional: 3 Dice
  • Expert: 4 Dice

Characters start with all the above weapon skills, 4 Dabbler level skills, 3 Student level skills and one Professional level (non-combat) skill.  The professional one is to represent who they were before the war, or what they really are passionate about doing.  A way to add character to the character.

Health is measured in penalty dice.  Each character is able to absorb 3 penalty dice before they succumb to their wounds.  To use  a penalty die, add an extra die to the handful to be rolled and remove the highest value die from the result.

Unless there is an obvious side to start with the initiative, combat Initiative is calculated by rolling 3 dice for each side (or should this be a die for each person/group on a side? – advantage in numbers…).  The side with the most successes has the initiative.  In the case of a tie, total all dice and pick the highest.  In the event of a tie, go with who has more 6es.  In the event of a tie roll off until there’s a winner.

More later…


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