American Elsewhere, The Game

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Horror, RPG
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ElsewhereRecently  I finished reading American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett, and I can’t recommend the novel enough.  An excellent story, great characters, mysterious, amusing, humorous, and touching by turns.  Well written, and didn’t feel as long as perhaps 600+ pages should!

So why am I writing about this in a blog about RPGs?

Because, while reading the book, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking “this would make the most awesome Call of Cthulhu campaign ever!”

It’s a lone wolf type game, with really only one player and the keeper.  The player is playing Mona Bright (nee Alvarez) and in the case of the book, the player made her combat-ready in an investigative game.  As I read, further and further, I could see the locations as encounter locations, I could see the maps in my head, complete with little numbers in circles and everything.  And it all builds to a nice boss battle and story conclusion.  I wondered more than once if Mr. Bennett is a gamer, and if this was the result of his CoC Campaign.

But wait!  There’s no Byakhee, no Great Old Ones, no Squid-Head himself, how could this possibly a Call of Cthulhu game??

That’s right.  This book is what happens when you have a Lovecraftian story, with no Lovecraft in it.  All of the elements and tropes are there, thought.  The journey of discovery and the horror of tainted legacy, so common in Lovecraft’s writing is all here, in slow reveals and builds.  I can just imagine the look on the player’s face when some of this stuff comes out.

Read this book, and see if you don’t think of the fantastic campaign this could turn into!



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