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ElsewhereRecently  I finished reading American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett, and I can’t recommend the novel enough.  An excellent story, great characters, mysterious, amusing, humorous, and touching by turns.  Well written, and didn’t feel as long as perhaps 600+ pages should!

So why am I writing about this in a blog about RPGs?



Thoughts on Crossfire, the RPG

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Modern, RPG, Rules
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cfcoverSo I was reading reviews on Dust Adventures, the RPG version of the Dust Tactics wargame, and it got me thinking. “I have a great WWII wargame, why not turn that into an RPG?”
For those who’ve never played Crossfire, it’s a (as I said) WWII wargame by Arty Conliffe (he also did Spearhead and a number of other rulesets). Here’s a link to the wikipedia page on it for info. Awesome game, played without I-go-U-go turns, rulers, measuring tapes, or any of that stuff. Just figures, a table and some dice. So how to turn that into an RPG?

Dust – The Camp

Posted: September 12, 2013 in RPG, Scenario
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The Breaker's Camp

The Breaker’s Camp

Following on from the last post, the next encounter area is a breaker’s camp. It might lie some distance away from the town, or it might be just past the gate, I haven’t really decided yet.

The camp lies in a clearing surrounded by stunted trees and scrap. To the far side of the camp is the remains of an old Jedi starfighter, rusting and broken, the canopy long gone leaving the elements to devour the technology inside. Most of the camp is made up of tents, with a few ramshackle buildings made up of left over scrap. The one to the top of the camp looks almost to be built into the side of a scrap pile! There are a couple of more substantial buildings, mostly used to house the more valuable finds while scavenging.

The goal here is to get into camp and find the one who knows where the Guiding Councillor is and how to get there. While poking around the camp looking for “Old Feya” I think it would be an opportune time to have a rival scavenger group show up and make a play for the bits that might be found in the more solid structures. I’ll have to give some thought as to what that might actually be.

Somewhere in there they’ll find Feya who will either lead them or direct them to the next stop along the trail to discovering Corvare.


Posted: September 9, 2013 in RPG, Scenario
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That’s what everyone who’d ever heard of the place called it. Oh sure, it had a real name, as part of a real system, but to anyone who knew about it, Dust was a much better name.

Dust Town

Dust Town

Originally it had been part of the Techno Union, back in the Old Republic days. But then with the rise of Palpatine the Union got folded into the Empire. And though it was now under new management, Dust remained, and kept doing what it had for centuries: a scrap heap and breaking yard for technology past it’s prime. But there’s something there, something valuable, something worth pawing through Republic’s graveyard for.

And that’s what the characters are there to find.

This is the first encounter for the scenario I’m coming up with for the boys to play with Fantasy Flight’s Edge of the Empire rules.

High Concept

Posted: September 3, 2013 in RPG
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Story CubesI’ve been thinking for a while about some scenarios or setups I’d love to play out and see how they go. Some stuff that just isn’t quite what you’d expect from the lettering on the tin, but that could be fun just the same. I realize that these ideas would for the most part require a very mature group, probably with a high level of trust and would require a clever and well prepared GM to be able to pull off properly so as to not loose the group along the way.

Still, I know I’d like to try them, just to see how it goes…and if they were to fail, I’d hope they could fail spectacularly. (“Holy crap, we just killed Luke and Han!”)

James Bond, From the Novels with Love

Okay, first up, one I came up with a couple years ago when I went on my last James Bond kick. Play using the old Victory Games rules, but set the game during the period of the books, and set up the scenario like it’s out of the books rather than the movies. The Ian Fleming books are very different creatures from the movies they made them into. The novels are far more about espionage, undercover work and being a truly 50’s spy. Give Bond his girly Beretta .25 in the chamois holster. Have him tool around 50’s London and everywhere else, fighting SMERSH and the KGB, and where plans are for things like rocket attacks on London, rather than laser satellites blowing up submarines.

Recent Acquisitions

Posted: September 2, 2013 in RPG, Rules
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Just wanted to jot down a quick note on some recent purchases I made in the RPG realm.

The most recent, just this weekend, was something the boys talked me into…a copy of Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight. I didn’t spring for the $70 full book, but I also didn’t get the “beginner” book. I found a copy of the pre-release “beta” for only $20! How much of a score is that? So far it reads well, and I’m anxious to start playing. The boys have already worked out exactly what kind of bounty hunters they want to play, so now to get a game set up. Review and more details to follow…

Johannes Cabal the DetectiveWe left off last time having decided to make a version of our favourite necromancer using the D6 Adventure rules which are available under the OGL. Now, normally when I put together a character I use the rules as written, trying to figure out how to really make the character for the game. In this case, however, I’m going to make an exception. Cabal is so unique that I can’t imagine any base generation process being able to capture all that he is. So out the window with the rules, and we’ll try to stay true to form for the man, hopefully not ruining any hope of play balance in the process!

So on with the Necromancer! And I have to start with a picture…this is honestly what comes to mind for me when I’m reading. This is the Cabal of my mind’s eye…