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Top Secret

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Character, Modern, RPG
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Moni has me thinking (on a few topics).  First and foremost, I’m reformulating my Mars game to include Jax as a PC.  I’ve come to really like her and her concept, so she’s getting her own starring role.

The second is from Moni’s post on using Mythic for player emulation and running canned modules.  I asked on one of those posts about how it would work with a more plot driven scenario, because I had a specific module in mind.  But on looking again at the module, I realized that it’s just a dungeon crawl on ship-board.



The Thin Man

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Character, RPG
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I really enjoyed watching the “Thin Man” marathon on Turner Classics on New Year’s eve.  The Thin Man is, I think, my all time favorite movie, and as this was the first time I’d gotten to see it in HD it was like watching it for the first time all over again!  I’m just sorry I didn’t get to watch all six films.

I know, you’re wondering now what on earth this has to do with role playing and the people, places and things thereof.  Well, combine watching the movies with the top ten I never played list, and I simply had to put together Nick and Nora as characters!  I picked out my favorite, crunchy 1930’s system (Daredevils), and went to work.