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Thoughts on Crossfire, the RPG

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Modern, RPG, Rules
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cfcoverSo I was reading reviews on Dust Adventures, the RPG version of the Dust Tactics wargame, and it got me thinking. “I have a great WWII wargame, why not turn that into an RPG?”
For those who’ve never played Crossfire, it’s a (as I said) WWII wargame by Arty Conliffe (he also did Spearhead and a number of other rulesets). Here’s a link to the wikipedia page on it for info. Awesome game, played without I-go-U-go turns, rulers, measuring tapes, or any of that stuff. Just figures, a table and some dice. So how to turn that into an RPG?


“Hoookay,” Mike said.  “That’s bizarre.”

The door opened and three people in their late teens filed in, lead by Sandy Rey, KROK’s intern.  “Say hello to our contest winners, and your guests for the night.”

In the lead was a goth girl, with too much eye makeup and too little skin tone.  Behind her was a shaggy musician, cheap red Fender guitar strapped to his back.  The last was a hauty-looking girl, with long black hair and an air of authority.

“Hey, everybody, welcome,” Frankie said.  “Drop your stuff, and grab a chair and headphones, we’re going live in a couple of minutes.  When we go to the first song set, I’ll show you where you’ll be spending the rest of your evening…”


The opening episode of the Horror experiment using Blood and Fear Itself.

A blonde figure appears at the far end of the brightly lit, otherwise deserted hallway.  She’s in jeans, and patterned halter, and carrying something in her left hand.  As she gets closer it becomes clear that her shirt isn’t patterned, but rather blood splattered, along with her jeans and tattooed arms.  She takes a puff on a cigarette burned low in the fingers of her right hand, in her left she holds a bloody machete.

It’s the DJ, Frankie Shock.

Her hair is more wild than usual, her eyes haunted and hollow.  Blowing smoke she drops the butt on the tiled floor in the hallway and enters the makeshift booth she and Mike had put together earlier…


The Gold Tower

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Horror, Modern, RPG, Tools
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Little Fears CoverThanks to the RPGNow new year’s sale, I was able to pick up Little Fears, The Nightmare Edition for only $11 ($10.95 Cdn).  I like the game and the way it looks and I was inspired with a setting for getting these kids together.  So welcome to the Gold Tower.

Welcome home…to the Gold Tower

The Gold Tower is a luxury condo in midtown where the kids and their families all live.  It’s built out of an old Victorian mansion, now with a multi-story building attached to the back of it and grown on top.  The Victorian was one of the original homes in the city and rather than tear it down, the Gold Group of companies decided to incorporate it in their new design for a 40 story luxury condominium.  The old house is now the lobby entryway primarily, but there is also a library, and a kids’ play room.  The building boasts a dining room/banquet hall which is rentable by residents for any special parties they may be throwing.  In addition a new wing has been built to house the pool/gym area, which is accessible off the lobby, past the library.


With Royal Sanction - movie stillBack in London, Elisha was called to M’s office. She passed through the outer office, giving Moneypenny a quick hello before entering through the leather door airlock into the inner sanctum. Closing the doors behind her, she knew M would switch on the light above the door; the one that meant he was not to be disturbed.

Inside, M looked up from the folder he was reading as Elisha entered.

“Ah, 001, good.” He closed the file and pushed it aside. “Have a seat.”


Maggie Q as 001This is a game played out with the old James Bond 007 rules from Victory Games.  I found my rulebook a while back and was inspired to try a game out with it.

The game starts with a random location and mission, as is usual for a good James Bond film.  The main character (heck, the only character) is Elisha Zheng, 001, a Hong Kong born model turned agent for Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  I see her as being played by Maggie Q maybe, or Cecilia Cheung, either one is good by me .


My apologies anyone who reads this…I’ve been a bad blogger of late.  What can I say, life gets in the way sometimes.  Now without further ado, here’s the conclusion of the “Part of Being a Master” tour Fiasco!

In scene seven, the first of the second act, Sophie opted to resolve.  Resolve what?  Resolve her feeling and actions on seeing Rick and Nona going at it like rabbits in the green room of course!  And Sophie, being the good spurned lover, opted to trash Nona’s stuff completely out on the tour bus.