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Maggie Q as 001This is a game played out with the old James Bond 007 rules from Victory Games.  I found my rulebook a while back and was inspired to try a game out with it.

The game starts with a random location and mission, as is usual for a good James Bond film.  The main character (heck, the only character) is Elisha Zheng, 001, a Hong Kong born model turned agent for Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  I see her as being played by Maggie Q maybe, or Cecilia Cheung, either one is good by me .



Lady in Distress (part 4)

Posted: February 2, 2010 in Modern, RPG, Solo
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Last time, the agents had been questioning the rescued hostages, when they were interrupted by the sound of automatic gunfire…

The passengers and crew all duck down while Proulx kills the lights.  As may have been predicted, Maggie the cruise director starts screaming.  It takes Drake a few seconds to get to her and shut her up again, but this time Isadore heard them.

Proulx opens the door a crack and looks out into the darkened dining room.  He creeps out carefully and puts some distance between the galley and himself, all the while crouching down between the chairs.


Picking up where we left off, Drake had just rescued the ship’s doctor from a terrorist who was holding her hostage and forcing her to work on a patient.

The doctor quickly explains that she’s been held here for several hours since the ship was taken by the terrorists.  The patient on the table is also a terrorist who was injured during the takeover by one of the crewmen (he used a fire axe).  He won’t be waking up anytime soon but likely won’t die either.  Drake zip ties him to the bed and questions the doctor on what she knows about the virus.  Unfortunately she knows nothing.  She does reveal, however, that the terrorists have herded the remaining crew  and passengers into the private dining room off the main dining room and have them there under guard.  The doctor does not know if Dr Salcedo is among them.


Lady in Distress (part 1)

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Modern, RPG, Solo
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So this is my shot at running through the Top Secret module TS-003 “Lady In Distress”.  I set out to run virtual players through as the GM.  In the end (or rather from the beginning really) I sort of half played, half GMed.  And you know what?  It was awesome!  I was able to seperate my GM knowledge from my character knowledge and somehow it worked.  And with key questions, I just referred back to Mythic.  It was lots of fun.  I’m not sure how it would work for something that wasn’t a dungeon crawl with pistols, but I’m very tempted to find out!

Here now, the Lady In Distress:


Sky Corsairs

Posted: December 27, 2009 in RPG, Solo
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The little automatic in Mary’s hand spit lead at the leaping creature, catching it squarely in the body. [A nice raise on her shot to hit!]  The thing dropped to the dirt with a squeal.  Mary didn’t wait to see if it was still breathing.  She hightailed it up and out into the daylight.

Wait, daylight?

The thought crashed through her mind even as she darted up and out of the strange, jewel-encrusted room.  It was dark, just dark, when Tubman dumped me here.  Where is here?


I have a confession to make.

I’m a Gemini.

What this means is that I spend my life in a perpetual state of “Oooo shiny!” and I get very easily distracted. In fact I often thought that my family motto should be “Ooo shiny”, though i suspect that it wouldn’t sound very good, even in latin. I did once have the motto “But I digress” (latin: tamen ergo digresus), but that has nothing to do with the post at hand…or to put it shortly “but I digress”.