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Killer Mythic tools (part 1)

Posted: October 15, 2009 in RPG, Tools
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I was inspired to put this here after E started up her game and was looking for some sources, so here are some darned useful links for Mythic games (and other games as well, but especially so with the random nature of Mythic).

Generators – random part of speech including frequency – good for verb/noun combinations – random wiktionary – Brewer’s Phrase and Fable

Names and such


The online mythic play page


Play quietly by yourself in the corner

Posted: October 5, 2009 in RPG, Rules
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I realized after the last post that it’s an actual play example, but I was playing alone at the time.  I figured that I ought to explain a bit how I was doing it, and also highlight a really awesome game product.

I was using “Mythic” by Tom Pigeon, available from Word Mill Games which is both a generic rule set of its own, and a means of playing without a GM!  The game uses two key components that allow this to work.  The first is called the “Fate Chart”, which gives yes and no answers on questions along the lines of “did this happen” or “is Bob here”.  The chart operates with modifiers based on the level of story action going on, and also with odds or similar power stats to help set likelihood.

The other key component are the event charts which together give focus, direction and word combinations for interpretation of events beyond the yes and no focus of the fate chart.  The importance of this bit has become more and more clear over the last few weeks though discussions on the Mythic discussion forum on Yahoo Groups.  It’s wonderfully useful for all sorts of interpretation where ever it’s needed.

The beauty of Mythic is that it also has mechanics to introduce randomness at almost any point in the game.  There is also a companion piece called “Mythic Variations” which has some genre specific tables for things like horror, mystery and even drama stories.  The shocks and surprises it can bring are amazing, but it always seems like it comes together in the end.  There is also a new product published called the “Creature Crafter” that allows for random generation of monsters and other beasties for any game system, but works exceptionally well with Mythic.

I will say that it takes some practice and interpretation to figure out how to play it, but after you wrap your head around it, it’s a fantastic tool to enable play even when you’re all alone.  Some groups us it as game master, with three or four players playing and no human GM running things.

So, in the Lacuna example, I was using Mythic to play out the story, asking questions after the initial “Tiller is following a female HP”.  It answered as to whether the street was busy, if I could get ahead of her, and it even introduced the randomness of the girl appearing out of nowhere when Tiller went to grab the HP.

It’s an easy system to learn and easy to use as an adjunct to your favorite rule set.  It’s easy to play on the go as well, I often use it in the car on the way to work, using license plate number for my “rolls”, which is especially easy since it’s percentile based.  I’ve heard of other people using the hundredths cycle on their watch, or even using the barcode digits on packages.

Mythic is an awesome tool, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.