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Following up on what Roberto had told her, Elisha left Rome and headed for her home town, Hong Kong.  It hadn’t been long since last she’d visited, and she still had both friends and relatives here.  Usually Elisha would take the time to visit but this time was business, she had work to do.

Before leaving Rome she’d put in a request for information on the banker, Donna Giaccone.  The money aspect of the case seemed to be growing in importance all the time.  If it was important enough to cost Roberto his life, it was very important indeed. Which made the banker all the more interesting to Elisha.  She received her response just before boarding the flight from Rome. (more…)


With Royal Sanction - movie stillBack in London, Elisha was called to M’s office. She passed through the outer office, giving Moneypenny a quick hello before entering through the leather door airlock into the inner sanctum. Closing the doors behind her, she knew M would switch on the light above the door; the one that meant he was not to be disturbed.

Inside, M looked up from the folder he was reading as Elisha entered.

“Ah, 001, good.” He closed the file and pushed it aside. “Have a seat.”


Maggie Q as 001This is a game played out with the old James Bond 007 rules from Victory Games.  I found my rulebook a while back and was inspired to try a game out with it.

The game starts with a random location and mission, as is usual for a good James Bond film.  The main character (heck, the only character) is Elisha Zheng, 001, a Hong Kong born model turned agent for Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  I see her as being played by Maggie Q maybe, or Cecilia Cheung, either one is good by me .


So here I sit, a break finally in the chaos and insanity that has been life lately (don’t you hate when life gets in the way of gaming?), watching You Only Live Twice.  The classic Bond film is on in glorious HD and reminds me of the unfinished James Bond game I started last year.

The game was using the old Victory Games James Bond ruleset, which was produced under licence back in the 80’s.  It’s a neat set of rules that plays well and is quick and fun.  And one of the best things about it for me these days is that it’s intended to play with just a single character.  During character generation the power level of the characters is controlled by the “level” of the agent created.  Rookies need four or so to finish a mission, Agent level requires two or three, and 00 level needs just one, in proper James Bond fashion. (more…)