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Addendum and some good reading

Posted: January 9, 2010 in RPG
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I realize I forgot to include one point in the “Slave Pits” post…the reason why they refer to Mary’s agility and how she “moves like a demon”.

Using Mythic I randomly determined that yes, she was subject to the “strange powers” rules for humans as listed on page 55 of the Mars book.  And the strange power I got for her was Enhanced Agility, and it was a power that came on all at once.

To handle this, given that she wasn’t being designed for Mars and the special powers rules are supposed to come in at generation time, I opted to say that rather than having her agility start a dice higher, she instead had all of her agility skills bump up by one dice.  Thus the reasoning behind her being described as being especially agile.

Since this is a short post, I also wanted to include a couple of links to some really good reading in the RPG vein.  If/when you’re totally bored of me, go see these sites, they have some (I think) excellent commentary and ideas and tools for gaming.

RPG Diehard (and check out the “actual play” tag there)
Playing D&D With Pornstars (don’t be put off by the name or the “content advisory”, there’s no actual porn there that I’ve seen, it’s just the guy’s day job)
A Character for Every Game (this one inspired me to start this blog actually and he has amazing maps)