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The Gold Tower

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Horror, Modern, RPG, Tools
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Little Fears CoverThanks to the RPGNow new year’s sale, I was able to pick up Little Fears, The Nightmare Edition for only $11 ($10.95 Cdn).  I like the game and the way it looks and I was inspired with a setting for getting these kids together.  So welcome to the Gold Tower.

Welcome home…to the Gold Tower

The Gold Tower is a luxury condo in midtown where the kids and their families all live.  It’s built out of an old Victorian mansion, now with a multi-story building attached to the back of it and grown on top.  The Victorian was one of the original homes in the city and rather than tear it down, the Gold Group of companies decided to incorporate it in their new design for a 40 story luxury condominium.  The old house is now the lobby entryway primarily, but there is also a library, and a kids’ play room.  The building boasts a dining room/banquet hall which is rentable by residents for any special parties they may be throwing.  In addition a new wing has been built to house the pool/gym area, which is accessible off the lobby, past the library.