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The Nouns of RPGing

Posted: October 2, 2009 in RPG
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People, places and things.

If schoolhouse rock taught me anything, it’s that this is the definition of a noun.  But when you think about it, really, that the foundations for any and every roleplaying game too.  People (characters, and NPCs), places (from the deepest dungeon to crawl to the fastest space transport in the stars) and things (is that a +8 sword of singing and decapitation or are you just glad to see me?)

For pretty much as long as I’ve been playing, I’ve loved this part of the game.  <old man voice> I started playing back in the winter of ’78 and I ain’t stopped yet </old man voice> and I remember even then filling notebooks with environments, character ideas, magic treasures that characters could find.  And when I wasn’t playing, I was having very vivid games in my head, living out the lives of my own characters and their interactions with NPCs and then then NPC’s lives.  I know, pathetic isn’t it?

It’s continued through high school, university and well into my adult life (well, my driver’s license tells me I’m an adult anyway, and my sons call me dad so that’s gotta count for something I guess, but I digress).  Even now, though I’m actually without a regular role playing group I still continue to purchase rulesets and then produce campaign settings for them, even though the chances are presently quite slim that I’ll ever actually play them!  I’m a bit of a rules junkie and whenever my imagination gets captured by a rule concept or I see a particularly irrisistable deal, I have to pick them up.  And then when I get through them, I start tinkering and developing and letting my mind run wild.

And now I have a place to deposit it all.  I may not be able to play with them but I’m hoping you might.  That’s why I’ve started this blog: to share my thoughts and feelings on games and gaming, and also to put the stuff I’ve worked on out for others to see.  No I don’t think I’m some genius who should be listened to, but I know how much I enjoy reading stuff others have created, and how I can use that to fuel my own imagination and creations.  I’m hoping that I can do the same, and give a spark, an idea, a concept or even just another viewpoint, to take and do with whatever they see fit.

I’ll try and post fairly regularly.  No guarantees what it’ll be though, other than the nouns of RPGs: people, places and things, and occasionally thoughts on games in general.