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Recent Acquisitions

Posted: September 2, 2013 in RPG, Rules
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Just wanted to jot down a quick note on some recent purchases I made in the RPG realm.

The most recent, just this weekend, was something the boys talked me into…a copy of Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight. I didn’t spring for the $70 full book, but I also didn’t get the “beginner” book. I found a copy of the pre-release “beta” for only $20! How much of a score is that? So far it reads well, and I’m anxious to start playing. The boys have already worked out exactly what kind of bounty hunters they want to play, so now to get a game set up. Review and more details to follow…



Posted: February 18, 2010 in RPG
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I just bought a new set of rules for a game called Fiasco, from Bully Pulpit Games.  I love the concept of these rules!

The idea behind the game is that it’s one of those crime-gone-wrong stories, you know the ones where everyone ends up killing each other in the end over a suitcase that’s supposed to be filled with cocaine but instead has two pair of pleather pants and a gold sequined bra.

Honestly, you’ve got me hooked right there.