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Dust – The Camp

Posted: September 12, 2013 in RPG, Scenario
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The Breaker's Camp

The Breaker’s Camp

Following on from the last post, the next encounter area is a breaker’s camp. It might lie some distance away from the town, or it might be just past the gate, I haven’t really decided yet.

The camp lies in a clearing surrounded by stunted trees and scrap. To the far side of the camp is the remains of an old Jedi starfighter, rusting and broken, the canopy long gone leaving the elements to devour the technology inside. Most of the camp is made up of tents, with a few ramshackle buildings made up of left over scrap. The one to the top of the camp looks almost to be built into the side of a scrap pile! There are a couple of more substantial buildings, mostly used to house the more valuable finds while scavenging.

The goal here is to get into camp and find the one who knows where the Guiding Councillor is and how to get there. While poking around the camp looking for “Old Feya” I think it would be an opportune time to have a rival scavenger group show up and make a play for the bits that might be found in the more solid structures. I’ll have to give some thought as to what that might actually be.

Somewhere in there they’ll find Feya who will either lead them or direct them to the next stop along the trail to discovering Corvare.



Posted: September 9, 2013 in RPG, Scenario
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That’s what everyone who’d ever heard of the place called it. Oh sure, it had a real name, as part of a real system, but to anyone who knew about it, Dust was a much better name.

Dust Town

Dust Town

Originally it had been part of the Techno Union, back in the Old Republic days. But then with the rise of Palpatine the Union got folded into the Empire. And though it was now under new management, Dust remained, and kept doing what it had for centuries: a scrap heap and breaking yard for technology past it’s prime. But there’s something there, something valuable, something worth pawing through Republic’s graveyard for.

And that’s what the characters are there to find.

This is the first encounter for the scenario I’m coming up with for the boys to play with Fantasy Flight’s Edge of the Empire rules.

Science City, part 2

Posted: February 21, 2013 in RPG
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Menaced with a raygunI’m developing Science City as an alternative setting for Spirit of the Century.  It’s more sci-fi (or is that syfy?) than Pulp, with a goodly mix of tubepunk thrown in just for fun.  I like that feeling of technology and electronics that I find missing from steampunk stuff, and you can never go wrong with ray guns.

Characters can be drawn from the setting, but Science City is it’s own world, in a way.  There is reference to the nation, to a Federal government, but it doesn’t much play an explicit part in the story, unless something brings them to SC for action.  The city is the centre of its own universe, maybe it always has been, or maybe it was a result of the accident at the school, or maybe it just became that one morning in August.

More notes from Science City.


Science City

Posted: February 20, 2013 in RPG
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It is three years, post-war. While the war-zone recovers, all is speeding into the future here in Science City.  Blooming in the heart of a harsh desert, SC as it’s known, is the city of tomorrow, existing today.  Wide streets lead to neighbourhoods, parks and industry.  The schooling is second to none in the world. But with great developments, there comes great risk.  There are others who envy and fear all that Science City stands for, those that would reject progress, and push things back to the dark ages.  And worse, there are the spies and traitors who would steal SC’s great developments for their own and then use it to ruin the world that SC would build.

Come see the amazing things on offer: