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scoobyOkay, yes, it sounds like a 90’s Nintendo game, but it’s not, honest.

I’ve found myself thinking a bunch lately about Scooby Doo and what a modern update to Scooby would look like. Sure they’ve done the post-apocalyptic Scooby thing in the comics, with hipster Shaggy and reality-TV Daphnie, but I was thinking of something more like the original show. Something that involves investigation in the more or less “modern” world with a set of meddling kids and their dog. Then I read the Dark Dimension blog, which features alternate forms of the Doctor, or doctors that never were and I started to get really interested in a mashup of the two.



I was flipping through my Call of Cthulhu rules the other day, while listening to “The Shadow Out of Tim” by the Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (highly recommended btw) when I was somehow struck by the idea of a sit-com idea, informed by HP’s writing.  Then after the first, came another…and another!  And, of course, my first thought was: how can I play this as an RPG??