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Science City, part 2

Posted: February 21, 2013 in RPG
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Menaced with a raygunI’m developing Science City as an alternative setting for Spirit of the Century.  It’s more sci-fi (or is that syfy?) than Pulp, with a goodly mix of tubepunk thrown in just for fun.  I like that feeling of technology and electronics that I find missing from steampunk stuff, and you can never go wrong with ray guns.

Characters can be drawn from the setting, but Science City is it’s own world, in a way.  There is reference to the nation, to a Federal government, but it doesn’t much play an explicit part in the story, unless something brings them to SC for action.  The city is the centre of its own universe, maybe it always has been, or maybe it was a result of the accident at the school, or maybe it just became that one morning in August.

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Science City

Posted: February 20, 2013 in RPG
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It is three years, post-war. While the war-zone recovers, all is speeding into the future here in Science City.  Blooming in the heart of a harsh desert, SC as it’s known, is the city of tomorrow, existing today.  Wide streets lead to neighbourhoods, parks and industry.  The schooling is second to none in the world. But with great developments, there comes great risk.  There are others who envy and fear all that Science City stands for, those that would reject progress, and push things back to the dark ages.  And worse, there are the spies and traitors who would steal SC’s great developments for their own and then use it to ruin the world that SC would build.

Come see the amazing things on offer: