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The Walker Program

Posted: February 6, 2010 in RPG
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Gordon, Mark III (by Kevin) - click for full view

Initiated by the Germans under the cover of an industrial construction machinery project, the first operational walker was actually tested by the British, on the northern Scottish moors late in 1940.  That walker was actually the first generation of the “Gordon”, powered by a pair of aircraft engines and with locomotion by way of outboard tracks taken from a Matilda tank.  The original Gordon Mark I was armed very lightly, bosting a single Vickers .50 mounted coaxially on the lower hull.  Crew consisted of two, a driver and a gunner.  The Mark I was quickly upgraded to a Mark II and III version, with the Mark III sporting a Boys Anti-Tank rifle in addition to the single Vickers.  There only being one gunner with two weapons, however, was soon seen as a detriment, especially when the Mark III’s began seeing service in Africa.